Tropic Tree Maldives - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Tropic Tree Maldives – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a visa to come to the Maldives?

The Maldives issues on arrival tourist visa. Any visitor with a valid passport may be granted a free 30 day visa upon arrival.

Is Tropic Tree Maldives a resort?

No. Our hotel is located in the local island of Gulhi. Therefore, if you chose to stay in our hotel you will be staying in a local island, not in an exclusive resort.

How do I get to Gulhi from the airport?

To travel to Gulhi you can either use public ferryboat services or hire a private speedboat. Please read our detailed “Reaching the Hotel” information.

Will your staff meet me at the airport?
No, we do not have staff based at the airport. Therefore, customers travelling on public transport will not meet our staff. If you have booked a speedboat ferryboat, we will provide direction to catch the speedboat ferryboat to Gulhi.

If you have booked a private speedboat transfer, our staff will travel to receive/greet you at the airport.

Can the hotel book public ferryboat ticket for me?

No. The tickets for public ferryboat are only available on the day of travel. Currently tickets are not sold in advance. The customers have to buy ferryboat ticket either at the ferryboat terminal or in the ferryboat itself.

What is the weather like in Gulhi?

The Maldives is in the tropics so does Gulhi. You can reliably expect average daily temperatures of 30°C (86º F) throughout the year. For detailed weather information you can visit Maldives Meteorological Service website.

Will my room have air conditioned?

 Yes, Tropic Tree Maldives rooms have ACs. We encourage our guests to turn off the ACs when they are not in the room.

Is there internet at Tropic Tree Maldives?

Yes. We provide WiFi internet to our guests.

Are there mosquitoes or other bugs on the island?

Maldives is a tropical country; therefore insects and other bugs can be around. However, our rooms area cleaned and serviced daily so any disturbance from these within our premises are kept at minimal.

Do I need a vaccination for my stay?

Please check with your local GP or family doctor prior to visiting a tropical climate.

What currency should I bring?

The hotel accepts US Dollars, British Pounds, Euros or Maldivian Rufiyaa.

Can I exchange money on the island?

No. But US Dollars and Maldivian Rufiyaa are widely accepted.

What is the rainy season like? Does it rain all day?

You may experience the occasional downpour and drizzles mostly, but the sun always shines in between.

Can I buy alcohol on the island?

No. The government regulations do not allow inhabited islands in Maldives to sell alcohol. It is prohibited to consume alcohol in local inhibited islands. The hotel can arrange visits to resorts islands where you can buy and consume alcohol.   

Does the hotel provide towels?

Yes. Tropic Tree Maldives provide towels for guests.

Is there a dress code on the island?

Casual (“tropical casual”) dress is the norm. When you are walking through the island the norm is for men to dress in at least T-shirt and shorts and ladies to wear T-shirts and long sarong, skirts or trousers. You are expected to be decently covered when walking through the island.

Can I wear a bikini on the beach?

Yes. You can wear a bikini or swimwear on the beach.  Gulhi has a dedicated bikini beach for tourists.

Is snorkelling accessible from the beach?

Yes. The surrounding reef is nice to snorkel. But the best spots and reefs are accessible by boat. Please kindly inquire regarding snorkelling trips.

Are there restaurants or cafe’s in the island?
Yes. The hotels has a restaurant and there are other independent cafe’s in the island where you can have meals.

Is there a charge for using a CREDIT CARD?
Yes. There is an administration charge of 4% (surcharge) for using a credit at the hotel. This is because our merchant service provider levies us this charge.