Excursions and activities at Tropic Tree Maldives

Activities and Excursions

At Tropic Tree Maldives, visitors can experience various activities that the Gulhi island offers. There are activities that visitors can arrange with the hotel and others independently on the island.

The island has popular local cafés and restaurants where visitors can taste local cuisines, a variety of delightful food and refreshing drinks.


Night fishing is a Maldivian traditional past time. Tropic Tree Maldives can arrange night fishing trips for its guests, with equipment and staff to guide you.  Fishing trips are arranged upon request.

For Fishing enthusiast the hotel can organise exclusive fishing trips with experienced skippers and crew.

Tropic Tree Hotel Maldives is also idea place to stay and experience the traditional Maldivian fishing which has been practice for generations. We can organise such trips for our guests.

Boat in habour - Gulhi Island Maldives


A visitor to Tropic Tree Maldives can experience the under water beauty of the Maldives by just snorkelling in the island house reef. Gulhi island Maldives is surrounded by beautiful reefs rich with multi-coloured fish and corals. Just wear the snorkelling gear and swim from the shore, you will be in a whole new world.

The hotel has limited number of complimentray snorkelling equiment which our guests are allowed to borrow. These gear are subject to availability.

Snorkelling Trips - Tropic Tree Maldives

Dolphin watching

A sighting of a pod of dolphins may have a therapeutic and calming effect on humans.

Swimming with dolphin may be a dream of many. We can offer you a cruise specially designed for watching dolphins. Maldives’ waters are rich with many pods of dolphins. All types of dolphins are protected species in Maldives waters. Maldives is also famous for its dolphin friendly fishery.

At Tropic Tree Hotel Maldives we organise dolphin watching trips for our guest and visitors.

Dolphin watching trips Gulhi Maldives


The underwater gardens of the Maldives can be best explored by diving in the amazing waters of the Maldives. Maldives is renowned for its underwater beauty. For diving enthusiasts the hotel provides the opportunity to experience the scuba diving.

There are third party dive centres in Gulhi where we can help you to book your dives.

Gulhi Diving Experience - Tropic Tree Maldives


A surf holiday at Tropic Tree will be the ideal holiday to surf the breaks in South Malé atoll.

The island of Gulhi has easy access to three of the popular South Malé atoll surf locations. One being the island (Gulhi reef) breaks you can just pick the board and swim to the surf. The other is the “Twin Peaks” and “Quarters” both just minutes away from the island shore and can be reached by boat or small dinghy.

Surfing in Gulhi - Tropic Tree Maldives

Sand bank excursion trips

At Tropic Tree Maldives we can organise private excursion trips to nearby sandbanks and also to other inhabited picnic islands. The rates and charges for these trips depend on the services requested and the duration, and we customise most of them.

We also have group tours that our guests can join in while they stay with us. Enquire about our tours with the reception staff.

Sand bank tours Gulhi - Tropic Tree Maldives

Cultural Shows

Tropic Tree Maldives organises cultural shows which centred around the popular form of Maldivian music and dance Boduberu.

During festive season if you stay at the Tropic Tree Maldives you can get a taste of a variety of cultural activities the island residence organises.

Cultural Shows Gulhi - Tropic Tree Maldives

Water Sports

Motorised and non-motorised water sports centres operate on the island of Gulhi. These facilities are third party runs. Water sports activities include jet ski, kayaks, standup paddling board, body boarding, surfing and windsurfing, etc…

We can organise water sport activities on request or guide our guest to where they can get reliable service.

Jet ski in Gulhi - Water Sports activties

Resort Day Visits

At Tropic Tree Maldives, we organise resort visits to nearby resorts. We have partnered with some resorts to give our guests the experience of spending a day at an exclusive resort.

Guests can enjoy the beach, food and activities at the resort. Some of the day packages include return transport, food and some drinks. You can ask the reception staff for more details.

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